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All sorts of interior design trends have become popular over the last few years, from shabby chic to retro. If you want to adopt a vintage style for your interior living areas, the main difficulty will be choosing which vibe to opt for. Lovers of more minimalist looks may want to go down the industrial furniture route – which makes use of simple, sturdy items of furniture that were originally designed with the world of work in mind. These can range from lamps and tables to filing cabinets and stools. Given their origins, these tend to be very hard-wearing and user-friendly.

Shabby chic décor offers a nice contrast with the use of industrial furniture


If you want a softer look, then perhaps you need to turn to shabby chic-style pieces. Wood is a major material in this trend, and this will naturally have a ‘warming’ effect on any room. This makes shabby chic décors favourites in the bedroom and the living room. The table pictured below exudes a comforting, old world charm that many will find attractive. Delicate, pastel colours and soft fabrics are the ideal companions to this Bohemian style.

Written by Loane